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We're Committed to Your Community

It’s their hard-earned tax dollars. And you’re responsible for using them wisely. You need dependable equipment, supportive and thoughtful solutions, and demonstrated experience to get them the best return on their investment.
  • A wide-range of equipment on the market: Your projects are first-class and deserve the quality and dependability of top-of-the-line equipment—from graders and excavators to dozers and compact construction equipment and more—with flexible warranty options. 
  • Flexible financing options: Your budget is as critical as your project. You need choices to head off potential cost overruns. We work with you to determine and provide the most flexible options. 
  • On-site field solutions: With on-site field solutions on call, you’ll never have worry about unproductive downtimes. No location is too remote; no equipment is impossible to repair... Learn More
  • Competitive repair and maintenance programs: A guaranteed fixed long term maintenance cost will assure you peace of mind and free you to effectively concentrate on your projects and business. 
  • A leader in smart technologies: Technologies that make equipment more efficient and operators more productive... Learn more

Making Buying Easier Through Cooperative Purchasing

Through Canoe Procurement and Sourcewell, you now have access to get the equipment and services you need while managing a rigid budget.

Canoe Procurement

Available for Komatsu, BOMAG, and Takeuchi equipment purchases as well as parts, service and equipment rentals.

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Komatsu Reference: #032119-KOM
BOMAG Reference: #032119-BAI

Improve procurement efficiency so you can put new equipment to work faster.

Don’t spend valuable budget dollars soliciting bids, reviewing proposals, and awarding contracts.

Avoid unexpected repair costs and other budget surprises that may arise when you buy the low-bid option.

Supporting Your Application

Roads, Streets, and Walks

Roads, Streets, and Walks

We can help with your entire fleet needed to keep your community safe and maintained. Our superior product lines offer the latest technology and product enhancements to help you work smarter. The sooner roadways and sidewalks reopen; the happier motorists and residents tend to be. 

  • ​Loading, hauling, and compaction of sand and gravel
  • Alley reconstruction and renewals
  • Road and highway repairs
  • Asphalt recycling
  • Ground stabilization
  • Rock crushing
  • Mixing and pouring concrete
Waste Management

Waste Management

Our specialized equipment can help you with tasks such as indoor sorting, waste handling, and material sorting. Need a convenient solution due to space constraints or require special undercarriage to get the job done? Find out how we can help.
  • Garbage compaction
  • Landfill management
  • Transfer stations
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Snow Removal

Snow Removal

Our equipment and attachments can be selected specific to your jobs needs. From wheel loaders to compact track loaders to snow buckets. Make sure you ask to find out more. 
  • Commercial snow removal
  • Parking lot snow removal
  • Industrial parking lot snow removal
  • Apartment buildings and condo snow removal
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Storms, Sewer, and Drainage

Storms, Sewer, and Drainage

Attention to detail and precise application is expected. Our equipment can help you get the job done faster to meet your tight timelines. Completing the job quicker means more revenue for your team.
  • Construction of new sewer systems and storm drains
  • Digging culverts
  • Profiling, cleaning, and maintaining ditches
Power & Energy

Power & Energy

A machine to meet all your power or energy needs. Whether you are maintaining infrastructure or building new utility lines, we have what you need. Our equipment offers solutions for confined space, remote locations, and open-field work. We have what you need:
  • Power line work
  • Right of ways
  • Maintain and building power grids
Parks and Pathways

Parks and Pathways

We are helping communities create beautiful and safe common areas. Whether it is park maintenance, clearing a trail, or creating an appealing community—let us help!
  • Mulching
  • Trail maintenance
  • Bicycle paths
  • Walking paths
  • Parks buildings

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty Solutions
Warranty Solutions
Providing flexibility and reassurance that your investment is protected for the long term.
An excellent way to reduce risk and manage cash flow:
  • No deductible
  • Includes travel
  • Flexible options
Built to provide peace of mind:
  • Repairs are done using genuine manufactured parts
  • Performed by SMS Equipment Certified Technicians
  • Most advanced factory updates and solutions

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